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    Got some serious NerdStoke when I saw Jarred tease the KomodoLink during the recent KipperTie livestream (timelink here: Looks like a small adapter that sits on the top POGO connector and provides a USB-C connection. Jarred mentioned a capability for direct download of files off the camera (even without a computer), but also future capabilities for network protocols.

    Others have mentioned possible capabilities using the 'secret' port on the bottom of the Komodo for getting vision streams over some kind of IP, SFP etc. I'm not enough of an IT nerd to understand it all, but I do get the power of things like the NDI protocol and being able to link a series of cameras together with CAT6 for live events, concerts, broadcasts etc.

    Thought it might be worthy of its own thread as options start to become available so that people smarter than me can weigh in on what might be possible.
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    Yeah I saw that. Interesting.

    I don’t think it will be able to recorded to an ssd drive as a Cfast card is more stable/reliable. Similarly price too.

    But I think the USB C port will be there to offload to an ssd drive so you don’t need to use a computer, or if the Komodo is In a fixed spot and you can’t get to the card but this will let you get the footage then format the card internally.

    I could be wrong though... maybe a power option too?

    All looking pretty good, can’t wait to order a finalised production unit / black one.
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