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    Hi Gang,

    Having trouble in RCX.

    Have my R3d files from camera, jammed time code from audio recorder to camera.
    Have audio clips w time code but Rcx isn't matching anything up!!!

    The "normal"tools aren't finding the clips, and if I manually attach an audio clip its no where close to being in sync.
    And, without a slate I have no way to mark a slate point in RCX.
    As a total Dummy we did not slate this,.. (yes I know)

    Is there any tips, tricks or a way to sync clips or am I SOL and have to do it in Resolve????


    Curtis Boggs

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    I never had to use it myself but if you "Right-Click" in the "Panels" area there is a tool called "Audio Sync Tool" if you've not already tried it. Maybe that could help

    Did you also try "Auto Match" in the "Audio" area

    Redcine-X Audio help from manual. Pages 93-95

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