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    I suppose I should have known better, but things really didn't work in my favor on this shoot.

    I went and scouted an empty rooftop parking lot location about a week or so ahead of time, but never considered permits.

    On the day of the shoot, I hadn't finished setting up the camera before a couple guys showed up and told us to leave (it was just me, the camera on a Clutch shoulder mount, kitted out with follow focus and matte box, and a reflector a friend would be holding - nothing crazy). I had budgeted about 3 hours for filming, and we ended up spending about 2 hours of that looking for a new location, and it seemed pretty hopeless, until we decided to film at the local university.

    And then the model/dancer, who was moving out of state the following day, told me she needed to leave early. Maybe she'd lost confidence and wanted out, I'm not sure. But I was down to having 35-40 minutes to accomplish what I was supposed to have 3 hours for.

    And then the sun went to hide behind clouds for the remainder of the evening, leaving us with nothing to use a reflector for.

    All things considered, I think it turned out pretty well. Shot on a RED Epic MX and a XEEN 35mm. I was responsible for everything else: editing, color grade, sound design/foley, and the music, which I made using the beautiful Vienna Symphonic Library and a couple other synths.

    Hope you guys enjoy!


    Raji Barbir
    cinematographer | colorist | writer | director
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    Thanks for sharing! Looks really good, when taking your conditions into consideration. Some good directional lighting/backlighting might have separated your subject from the background a little better, but all in all the story was communicated.

    I don't know what the parking garage looked like, but that bridge ended up being a great location for you.

    Nice work.
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