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    Alan, thanks.

    This last week I've shot a wide range of variations and lens options from 24mm to 500mm - here's a couple more. All Nikon Z6 stills based long exposures.. the last one is my 1st attempt at a 'Image Stack' this one is 30x1/sec frames... Used Nikon and SigmaArt Series glass.

    200mm (70-200 zoom)

    85mm prime

    500mm (150-500 zoom)

    24mm (24-70mm zoom) - Image Stack (30x1/sec) - still working on learning the process...!

    will be out again the next couple of nights for more.
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    Lovely shots, everyone. Thank you for sharing.

    Alan, I notice a lot of stuck pixels in the TIFF. Is that just because you used LL mode?
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    I have some dirt on my sensor and/or the back of my 70-300mm plus there is a lot of noise in my color-correction from adjusting contrast to get rid of the haze in the sky, and the noise reduction software on the online version of Lightroom is so-so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karim D. Ghantous View Post
    Alan, I notice a lot of stuck pixels in the TIFF. Is that just because you used LL mode?
    I didn't have time to calibrate when I showed up that morning, so some of the stuck pixels might be a result of that. I haven't looked at the video footage close enough to know if they're really stuck or just noise. Either way, it wasn't bad in my opinion.
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