I am trying to setup my Epic MX with a Sound Devices 302 using the 2 front audio jacks. I know that the Epic is far from the best audio recorder there is but I would like to squeeze the best out of it.
The problem is that when I use the 302 tone at the default 0db output attenuation setting, the epic input VU is fully in the red. I have checked that the phantom / limiter are off and the epic input slider in all the way down. My xlr cables are properly balanced and the epic is in balanced mode.
The 302 has 2 levels of output attenuation, from 0- -16 & then 40 and below. Neither of these selections gets me to the nearly peaking "sweet spot" on the epic VU without having to amplify at the Epic side dramtically. If I attenuate too much, I have to the push up the epic input slider and that brings all the awful sound defaults (fan noise, power crosstalk .. ) that are sadly inherent in the camera design.

If anyone could tell me what technically the best combination is, I would be most grateful?
Thank you