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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Tresch View Post
    I can read "No recording limit" (30 minutes limit) is this really so?
    Yes. However, if it's running on a very hot day in direct sunlight, it will eventually overheat. It's an extreme case, but the Panasonic cameras will keep going where the Sony needs a break.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki Murashige View Post
    Since the noise performance is so good in underexposure, this may be a viable approach.
    Yes, that is something that you can't really do much in 8-bit AFAIK, even with clean output.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffery Anderson View Post
    A7siii is Full Frame 4K resolution, which is similar to the Alexa in pixel pitch... no, the FX9 has a full read of the 6K sensor and downsamples in-camera to 4K

    going to have to be a throw down on any camera that can be used in a Ronin-S -- Test Color space/accuracy, Dynamic Range and Sharpness
    FX9 is not FF when recording 50/ 4K
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiri Vrozina View Post
    FX9 is not FF when recording 50/ 4K
    In my previous post, I linked to all the modes on Chapman's website.

    6K downsamples to 4K 1-3-fps
    No Crop, Full Frame, 2K read 120fps
    4K S35, 1-60 fps

    They have a Venice camera that does all the 6K output, I assume.
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