Hey, everybody, I have been meaning to write about this for a while in between my other work but I wanted to let you know that Band.it located at camerabandit.com is someplace to avoid buying from.

I had found a fixer upper lens in the form of the Canon FD 85-300 SSC zoom and really the only problem with it was the zoom screws were loose and the focus grease was a little gritty with some caked on dust on the back element, easy fix, but the rubber on the zoom was missing and the focus grip was picked at or cut up in a botched repair attempt. So, I looked online and found Band.it rubber grip replacements and placed an order for two red bands “specifically designed” for the Canon FD 85-300 SSC. They came in and looked like something that would be hanging on the rack in the accessory department of the camera store that nobody buys but looks too good as store decoration. So, I got the zoom band on but there was no spot for the zoom notch to go through so there’s just an odd bulge in the band for that and I got the focus grip band on for a nice firm fit. However, after getting the focus band on, I immediately noticed some bubbles in the band and after testing it, it seemed firm. I figured it was just what the material looked like stretched and would probably not notice if I ordered the standard black color. So I put the lens in storage and went out of state for about a week. I then came back to see that the focus band had snapped in its case while I was away!

I was still under their warranty so immediately contacted Band.it and posted a message on their site about it. I didn’t hear anything for a few days so I looked at the packaging card and saw a support email and sent that in too. I then didn’t hear anything for another stretch of time. I then sent an email to their other contact on the website and finally their Facebook page and haven’t heard anything for weeks now. I can only guess that they either didn’t want to admit their product was defective or didn’t want to eat the cost to send me another one. Another user posted on their website with a similar case and even posted a picture if you check the site and, unlike me, they apparently got a reply and were told they would get a replacement but “That was 3 weeks ago”. I see that they sell on BHPhoto as well but it’s all on backorder at the moment. In any case, there is obviously some sort of problem or lack of customer support with this company and they are not honoring their customers in any case. Definitely avoid!