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    Guys, quit driving the rental gear market farther into the ground. I get more for my six year old Canon C300.

    If you're helping a buddy out, I get it, but you shouldn't be giving everything away as SOP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Dominguez View Post
    doesn't it cost like $5K? $300 sounds about right
    Well, considering every Komodo out in the wild right now is either a "custom color" or StormTrooper, those are $7K, plus there's probably at least another $2K+ in accessories. And even more in their 2nd package.
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    Worse is when companies/individuals have multiple Komodos for rent at an extremely low rate. Just truly makes the value of gear seem worthless. This is in the Stormtrooper era too. But, Covid Wild West I guess...
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