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    Z CAM E2-F6 Review, Lab Test and Sample Footage: A Visit to the Zoo Schoenbrunn

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    One of my pet peeves with DR tests:

    In my book, a proper measurement of this sort of chart requires not only the "tuft of hair" above the chip to show that a signal is being received, but also a clear "eye" below showing that the noise in the hair does not reach all the way to zero. They eye can be seen at 10, but not at 11 or 12. So even though there is a height difference between 11 and 12, because both clearly include the zero line as part of their measurement, the proper reading of 11 is zero, and 12 is just a quieter version of zero. So 11 stops tops, not 12+.
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    Honestly, i think the vast majority of sensors out there are really 12 bit limited off the silicon, and anything beyond a solid 11/12 stops is from internal hardware and highlight recovery on camera. At least at this moment in time.

    It takes a cinema company - an arri, red and sony to actually develop something beyond that.

    12 usable stops is still a good camera.

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