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    Quote Originally Posted by rand thompson View Post
    It's an overhang from another building or a higher overpass road. It hovers high above and far away from the road the photo gives the illusion that it's on the road.
    Thanks Rand, it all makes sense now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luigivaltulini View Post

    I noticed now and as if Komodo loses 1 stop or maybe less .. the 6400 does not seem to match. compared to monstro .. o Maybe I'm too tired hehe

    However Komodo impresses. And from what I see the highlights also correspond exactly to Monstro ...

    Luigi thanks for your test. I agree with you 100%. Komodo handles Highlights as good as Monstro but is probably 2 stops more noisy in the lowlights.

    I pushed the Komodo to match the Monstro on the buildings but didn't correct the color tint. No noise reduction was applied neither in the RAW development nor in post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Hillis View Post
    Thanks Rand, it all makes sense now.

    You're welcome Les! Only Luigi can clarify it for sure. Some Hi-End apartments and buildings have grass covered balconies and roofs. This could be the case in this photo, if it's not an overpass road.

    Apartments with grass covered balconies.
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