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    Looking for some recommendations. I like the look of cooke panchro and zeiss super speeds mk 3.

    Are there any zooms you guys would recommend?
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    Depends on how much you feel the look of the primes you like comes from shooting at wide apertures -- a T3.1 Cooke 20-100mm is a great lens with softer contrast than a modern zoom but won't get you much of a shallow focus look, whereas a Fujinon Premier 18-85mm T/2 zoom can get you a shallower depth of field. Same goes for a Sigma 18-35mm T/2 zoom.

    Keep in mind that most of the old cine zooms barely cover Super-35.
    David Mullen, ASC
    Los Angeles
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    We don't have the budget at the moment but when we do, these will be the ones
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    I'd second David's recommendation of a Cooke 20-100-- beautiful lens. I think it's also worth checking out its successor, the Cooke 18-100, which is perhaps one step less "vintage" feeling, but also wouldn't be mistaken for a clinical modern lens.

    You could perhaps also look at the Angenieux 17-102 t2.9. Here's a comparison against the 85mm Super Speed:

    If by chance you are shooting on a smaller sensor, one of my all-time favorites is the Canon 8-64 t2.4, which was made to cover super 16mm.

    Some version of the Angenieux 25-250 might also be interesting to you. It's a 50 year old series, and there are several different evolutions-- see this history from Angenieux. I haven't shot with any of them, but I know people who love really funky vintage stuff and like the older versions. Some of that look might come partially from the fact that many are now in poor repair.
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