Hey All!

Some of these must have been posted before could not find them, this is basically a few questions.
I've been using and shooting on Sony for 3-5 Years, I love the RED footage and with the Komodo being the most affordable RED so I'm actually super interested.
  • What is the True Benefit of 16-Bit over 10-bit or 12-bit especially when I know factually my content won't end up on the big screen, probably no more than Vimeo, YouTube or Instagram!
  • Does it make any sense at all to shoot on a 16-bit Camera to transcode to ProRes for 90% of the projects I do?

10-Bit feels like the gold standard for easy to work with footage at 1.07 Billion Colors and there and ARRI and Blackmagic can shoot up to 12-Bit 68.68 Billion woah! Then...
There's RED at feken! 16-Bit 281 Trillion Colors That is insane.