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  1. #1 Wooden Camera Pass Through Top Plate - Red DSMC2 
    What is the consensus on the Wooden Camera Pass Through Top Plate, latest version for DSMC2:
    I've been reading some posts on the forum that this plate sometimes caused damage to the top pogo monitor connection. Definitely trying to avoid this.
    Would there be any other top plate that doesn't require a 3rd party electronic connection like the Wooden Camera one, to avoid potential problems of damaging the connection?
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    I have 2 easy plates that i runn on Helium, Gemini and Monstro, on studio shoots, documentaries and drama, shooting wild life, got them in rain and moist, dry and sun... name it i did with them and i never had any problems with them aside form striping treads on some holes due to noga arms... i can recommend then
    Epic-W Helium 8k #6819
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    Hey Victor,

    Ours have always been intermittently buggy. We have 2 of the pass-through top plates, but I don't think they are the latest versions.
    They caused a lot of visual glitches and screen tearing on the 7" touch. Worked more reliably with the 4.7" touch.
    Incredibly frustrating.

    Eventually, we had to remove them and go for a different setup.
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