I am a solo film maker that likes to make my life difficult. I like old lenses and camera that I can take apart.
I shoot with a Epic MX and have a set of Ziess Superspeeds MK1. So pulling focus on your own has always been a touchy subject.

I don't have Cinetape solution at 2000USD but I would like a way to be able to track an object and have the distance of that object to the camera show on a screen .

Idly thinking, I realised that the new iphones and androids have multi camera arrays that use Lidar type scanning techniques to create 3D space. Google has an app call Measure that can scan spaces and measure objects. There are also so many face recognition apps about.

So naively I thought that someone must have already created an app that does Cinetape plus object tracking. I dreamed of clamping a telephone to the camera and getting distance readings across a scene.

But I have not found this sort of thing on the web. So maybe some one out there has seen something like what I describe or maybe someone knows why it does not exist.

Any thoughts are most welcome