Born from the very hand of the designer of legendary Zeiss Master Primes, these amazingly fast lenses are a very good option for productions who need fast lenses at an affordable price. In a world such as the one of high end cinema lenses, where usually there is a strict relation between quality and price, these lenses have been a true revolution: with their spectacular widest aperture of T 1.9 and their outstanding definition, these glasses have proven in various camera test that they are very close to top notch series such as the Arri Zeiss Master Prime or Zeiss Ultraprime.

Covers up to 43mm Image Circle (i.e. IT COVERS MONSTRO and 24x36 Full Frame sensors)
Accurate Focus Marking and True T1/9-T/22
Low Distortion and Virtually No Breathing
Uniform Focus and Iris Gear Diameters with Full and Easy to Read Scales
Convertible to Canon EOS
6-hole hard case
Front and rear caps included
Great evaluation of Uniqoptics prime lenses by Alfonso Parra AEC:

This set has been in good care and regularly tested and serviced. They come with a custom hard case.

Focal lengths: 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm

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