It always annoyed me how the SSD sticks out, prone to being knocked or accidentally pulled out. Every other camera has a media door, but hey, this is RED

After failing to find one online, I designed my own using Cinema 4D and a copy of the technical drawings found in the manual, then had it 3D printed in black metal. It attaches to the M4 threads on the side Pogo, but that suits me fine as I only use the top Pogo, so this actually ends up protecting the contacts rather than leaving them exposed. I ended up using a 3D printing company in Europe that accepted once-off jobs and charged a reasonable fee for printing metal rather than the usual plastic, but that meant it took weeks to ship to Australia.

I don't have any plans to make it in bulk, but hey, if there's a heap of demand I might.

First, a bit of electrical tape over the contacts juuuuust prevent shorting anything.

Then a tiny bit of double-sided tape at the bottom end to prevent scratches.

Couple of M4 screws and it is SOLID!

Sits completely flush with the SSD module.

And has just enough room to pull out the card, though a fat-fingered person may struggle.

Thanks for looking :)