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    I am playing around with the zhiyun crane 3s and notice that I could in theory drive the gimbal via an external battery. zhiyun have a powerful but cumbersome box that won't work with my config. Naturally zhiyun don't give this info in their manual (they specifically state that it is "forbidden" to use other power supplies than theirs).
    So, by any chance, does any one know what the lemo pin order is before I try myself and the whole thing goes up in smoke?
    Many thanks
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    It should be easy enough to measure the voltage using a multimeter before you put it up in smoke, do you have one of those? It's a four-pin plug so I'd measure in each direction to figure out where the main voltage is delivered. Be careful not to short the pins as you're measuring or you might get a spark.
    One thing that might cause unexpected behaviour is that a battery management board in the Power Plus might send some telemetry about the battery condition using the other two pins. It likely that the system will still work without this info but some battery capacity or health information might be missing.
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    Hello Andrew
    I don't have the cable in question so I cannot see how I can check it. The gimbal DC IN seems to need a Lemo 1B female cable plug which seems to be the same as the Canon C series lemo cable. I don't know of any Canon C owners (being a Red kinda guy) but I will contnue my research. Many thanks for your thoughts.
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    I decided to buy the zhiyun transmount powerplus as it packs 2 D-TAP, one at 27 volts and the other at about 14volts. it is solid, has a v mount adapter and charger is included. But the best thing is that you can change the batteries.
    At first view, on comparison to other v mount power sources, this is an option that is worth taking a look at as it is very good value for money. Apart from the gimbal, I don't have anything that will take 27 volts, but is worth it for the 14 volts alone.
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