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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post


    Shot with it tonight with kids carving pumpkins. It's still great, especially with these Takumars which are probably my favorite combo with this camera.
    Nice config Steve.
    I like the strap.

    Had a shoot today with mine and a few more during the week.
    RED ONE is still a viable camera.

    Brian Timmons
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    Steve, that's got to be one of the most mint Red One's out there and thanks for your all reasoned and well informed posts. I configured my Red One MX in a similar fashion thanks to one of your posts in the past - single top handle, ssd module, nikon mount, Rokinon cine primes and battery belt clip with small v mount batts.

    On the topic...there's a thread on Blu-ray dot com regarding the anticipated release of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 4K UHD bluray (delayed possibly because Fincher is too busy). Most comment on how they love the film of course but also how great it looks and what 4k and HDR grading will do for it. I recently re-watched the HD bluray on my 65" LG OLED upscaled via an Oppo 4k player and it looked very impressive. They're very savvy on that forum when it comes to how the mastering was achieved, noise reduction, overall PQ ect.

    The driving ambition at the beginning for Jim and RED was to create a digital alternative to 35mm film and that was the Red One and watching that film again reminded me of how good it still looks. And as others have already mentioned, still can when properly handled.
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    That is a great set up Steve. I have most of the stuff, including an Atomos. Will try it out shortly!
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