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  1. #1 Canneseries Best serie award. Shot on epic dragon. 
    This came as a happy surprise. I was vfx sup for this one and also helped setting up the post pipline and we did all the vfx work. Amir Chamdin directed, Mårten Tedin Dop, Sebastian Guest did the grade and Warner Brothers Sweden produced.

    They rolled on epic dragon 5k and old cooke pancros and zooms mostly and underwater stuff and chroma car scenes on my monstro in 8k with supreme primes.

    The post was all UHD and ACES in flame and Baselight with Dolby Vision mastering.

    Just have a link to one of the intros here:

    But yes, I guess old dragon is still a quite capable camera in the right hands. Mårten the DoP has kind of shifted side to team Red after this, before this he was a true alexa boy, now he even got his own little stormtrooper komodo. :)
    Björn Benckert
    Creative Lead & Founder Syndicate Entertainment AB
    VFX / Flame / Motion capture / Monstro
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    Really beautiful
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    Congratulations. This seems like an exiting movie to watch.
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