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    There are a lot of options both regarding IPP2 settings (output transformations) and gamma-settings. What is the ideal pipeline for keying on Red footage today?
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    I've had good success using IPP2, and set the tone mapping to medium/very soft.

    If you need more contrast in order to pull a clean key, you can just create an additional input node and ramp up the contrast on that one, pull the key, and export that alpha map into the composite node. That's pretty easy to do in Fusion, Nuke, Mistika, and once you learn the fairly straightforward but surprisingly well hidden trick, it's also very easy to do in Scratch.
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    If you will be using an IPP2 workflow instead of a "Legacy" Red workflow or ACES workflow, I would use a "Color Managed" IPP2 workflow instead of an IPP2 workflow that used "Output Transform Luts. you will have to use a "3D" Qualifier for both but the "Color Managed" workflow will give you the results you are used to in "convientional" keying and qualifying.

    3D Qualifier Tool

    IPP2 Output Transform

    IPP2 Color Managed

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