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    My partner and I just finished watching this and we thought it was brilliant from start to finish!
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    Adored the show! Great everything, to the point that it almost seems silly to single any aspect out - the whole team, cast and crew knocked it out of the park.
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    Excellent production and cinematography. However, watching it on a 4K HDR screen I clearly noticed, at least in the first episode, that some low-key shots had terrible grading work where dark areas were lifted do the point where sparkling noise appeared. The first shot of the first episode starts in this noise covering the entire image. Later there's a scene where her mother argues with the father through the window of the RV and the mother's face has clearly been lifted with a circle window to the point there's noise all over that section.

    Then there's the return of the stuck pixels again, just as I mentioned about the third season of Stranger Things. I don't know why this keeps happening, but there's clearly one camera in Queen's Gambit that has a stuck pixel slightly above and to the right of the center. Whenever the image was smoothly lit it was clear as day and often right in the center of someone's face. I'm not sure why this keeps happening; if it's because the grading is done on a 2K monitor that makes it hard to spot these things, or if it's done on a too-small monitor? But on a 75-inch screen, it's very visible.

    Hopefully, stuck pixels will be a thing of the past now that R3D RAW has an auto feature to remove it, but it's annoying that these things slip through the cracks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christoffer Glans View Post
    Excellent production and cinematography...
    Totally agree!

    I am watching it all over again to pixel peep.
    Watched it with the wife and soaked it in without narrating on top.
    She really hates that ;)
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