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    In earlier Monstro sensor testing, SENSOR NOISE vs SENSOR TEMP was compared :

    +) The MONSTRO sensor has minimal noise AT or HOTTER than the Target Temperature that the sensor was Calibrated at.

    05 - 43 44 45 46 - 1024 pix

    +) Of the ADAPTIVE FAN algorithms currently on offer - 'ADAPTIVE' is the only option that is stable (the other options often have a mind of their own and should be avoided).

    +) The 'ADAPTIVE' algorithm 'wakes up' as it PASSES through a specific temperature.
    If your target temperature is 44 deg C -> this means that Calibration temperature will fluctuate AROUND 44 deg C.

    The problem with this:
    +) 1 deg BELOW Calibration (43c) - there is NOISE
    +) 1 deg ABOVE Calibration (45c) - there is NO Noise.

    To MINIMISE NOISE (for my sensor)
    +) Calibrate the sensor at 43,44 or (for Audio) 46 deg C - using 'Adaptive' Fan Mode
    +) Change the Target Temperature to 44,45 , or (For Audio) 47 deg <- ie 1 deg C hotter.

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