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    One of the major reasons I purchased two KOMODOs was essential to replace two DSMC2 cameras that simply generate too much noise for my application. I sincerely hope that as a camera company, RED takes seriously the audio and acoustics of their cameras. For audio, proper audio grounding and isolation of their circuit designs. For acoustics, noise and resonances emitted from operations. Dynamic range, sensitivity, resolution, frame rates, and other pixel-related qualities are only part of the variables needed in building a work-class cinema camera.
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    One important aspect you have to take in consideration is the temp when you are recording and not only the fan speed and the noise cancellation made by your blimp.

    Your blimp can indeed be also a big problem when it is heating up your camera by keeping more heat in the body.

    Airflow and fanspeed is important for noise reduction but also what surrounds the camera.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    Jarred mentioned way, way long back that the inverted air flow worked better after a lot of testing in DSMC2's case.

    I suspect the 2nd question is more obvious than not. Especially with DXL and Ranger on the market now. DSMC2 was designed to be small. Much like Komodo which also has two fans. Ranger and DXL use bigger fans because well they are bigger.

    On narrative shoots fan noise really hasn't been an issue minus the occasional real tight space, similar to the other two main production brands out there really. Which is why I had to blimp. In that small 6x6' space I think I had camera about 3 feet from subject with the shotgun about 1 foot above her head. In that case with that room and all that, really needed to blimp it. On any other narrative work I've done I haven't needed it.

    But yes, I'm all for a silent camera. Which is why I was doing a double take on Komodo, because I wasn't expecting it to be quiet.
    As for DSMC2 on narrative work, the fan noise is a really significant problem, unless you shoot close to a busy highway or some such thing.
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