Thread: What are the closest focusing lenses that cover full frame!

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    Are you sure on the macro adapter? Extension rings don not work on very wide lenses as even "infinity" focus is inside the lens barrel. Never used anything wider than 50mm with extension rings, a 35 might still work but wider???
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    Extension Rings on some wides put close focus within the lens itself, that is the downside, but depending on the glass your mileage may very. An adjustable helicoid adapter is nice because you can really tune that sweet spot often at the cost of the lens wiggling around.

    Usually about 25mm and longer work fine with shorter tubes, longer tubes whelp perhaps 35mm and up.
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    My Mitchell Hi Speed AKA Super Speed Baltar lenses are close focus. They were intented for FF VistaVision miniature photography. You can actually focus one inch from the glass in the wides 24mm, 28mm and 35mm.
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    I have played with our Venus Laowa 12mm that has a close focus just over 7" (180mm). This lens has built-in distortion correction (to a point). It is a full frame lens and this is what they say about this lens: "The LAOWA 12mm f/2.8 ZERO-D adopts a floating optical design to ensure exceptional sharpness not only at infinity, but also at close focusing distances. Along with a 18 cm minimal focusing distance and 0.2x Maximum magnification, this lens is also a fun tool for creating some mini wide angle macros." And if you don't care about the 0.2x magnification factor, you can push the minimum focus point to about 6" (152.4mm) or so.

    You can get more info from their website:
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    Contax 35-70 has macro at 35mm

    Full frame and crazy micro contrast
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