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    Can we expect 6k at 60? In a firmware update at all:)?
    Any idea if In the future we will be able to shoot proxies alongside our red files?
    What’s everyone doing in regards to the sweet spot regarding 6k 17:9 40 frames? 6k 2.4:1 50 FPS
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    I'm not a RED engineer but I would guess it's not gonna happen, because even if we could just get 48fps in full height 6K, you can damn well bet we'd have that instead of 40. 40 is such an odd number that no other camera has done before. To me, that's R3D saying "This is the absolute best that's possible out of this compact camera." If it was capped at 30 or 48, or 60, those are numbers that are more common, marketable numbers in cinema and video and I'd be left wondering if there was more horsepower in the camera. But 40? Yeah I'm guessing that's gotta be the max.

    I also am pretty sure no proxies alongside red files. I forget who said it but I believe it was someone official. Might have been Jarred, I dunno. What I do know is the camera requires a reboot when switching between .r3d and ProRes. To me that's an indicator that it's never gonna happen. So I wouldn't get your hopes up. If high framerates and dual format recording is your priority, then I'm afraid the DSMC2 or Ranger line is where you need to look.

    What do you mean when you say "sweet spot regarding 6k 17:9 40 frames? 6k 2.4:1 50 FPS"
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    I think he's clearly looking for the sweet spot that is 2.39:1 at 49.97fps. Sheesh!
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    Doubt we will see any increase in frame rates as I am pretty sure the Komodo is limited either due to processing limitations or in order to not cannibalize DSMC2. However, rumor is we will see adjustable frame rates (currently locked in at only a few settings) as well as anamorphic shooting modes (2x, 1.8x, etc.) in future firmware upgrades which will open up new possibilities for Komodo.

    I get that everyone is considering 4k/60fps a modern day "standard" and most want 60fps at 6k like BMP6K but remember Komodo is a whole other beast unlike any other camera in its price range which offers a global shutter, 16-bit internal raw, very small form factor, etc. which requires much more internal horsepower (i.e. processing) and cooling than say a pocket 6k or a7siii which only shoot 10-12 bit.

    Going forward adjustable frame rates would solve a lot of peoples problems for fast motion action/blur effects, time-lapse, and simply more adjustability. 50fps is currently available in 2.4:1 in 6K on Komodo which is very close to 60fps. If we could have the option to adjust the frame rates and bump that down to 48fps (47.96) or 2X (23.98fps) that would be great for music videos in order to get perfect 2X slow motion that can utilized for normal speed as well.
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