As a Helium owner i am ultra happy to see that SpeedMount will give us a options and do a rejuvenation of the cameras we have. I am big fun of Helium and i would like to keep it for bit longer so this Speedmount comes as a fresh and interesting option.

In my understanding this Mount will work on Gemini or Dragon but on aHelium is where this will show most of the potential.

benefits sees to be: 1) 8k on the view angle of Monsto 2) 7K recording on the view angle similar to Full Frame 3) 6k Recording on equivalent of S35 that solves the issue of high frame rates cropping and light lost.

down side are like with all speedboosters: adding a glass behind your lens and opening the doors to artifacts specially wide open 2) new sets of OPLF 3) also there is a question of a high price.

I am not a big fun of focal reducers but by now i got used to them and i findethem less troublesome then rear anamorphic adapters. Paying almost a price of FX-6 for the "speed booster" seams tough frog swallow but also going bask to EF is one more hard thing to deal with

what are your impressions? any other Heliumers existed about this one?