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    As someone that has spent a large portion of their career over the last almost 2 1/2 decades doing "doc style" shooting(sports/news/follow/features), these little 3x style zooms don't seem very useful, especially in a truly uncontrolled environment. As much as I love my 17-120, even that is pretty limited compared to the 13x and 22x lenses I've spent most of my years with. If it's a s35 sensor cam, 25 is far from wide and 75 is far from tight. You've gotta pair it with something wide and something long, so you're back to three lenses, at least. In this kind of world, you want ONE lens that can live on the camera and cover you for almost any situation. Maybe it's just the old news dog in me talking, but you can't always place the camera where you want it/need it. That's why you need a lens with a long zoom range. It's too bad we never got a true s35 version of the 2/3" 13x4.5. That lens literally covered 95% of what I shot. So far, the 17-120 has been the closest.
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    Agree on the Canon 17-120.
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    Yep! 17-120 Canon!
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    Thanks everyone for all the comments. I've go a lot more lenses to check out...

    About the doc, it won't be a guerilla style doc where I need my camera ready 24/7. In that case I wouldn't go with a RED where every setting takes a bit longer than an FS7 for example. I will be 90 percent interviews and small scenes where I have time to take the right shot (not so much that I can do everything on prime lenses, but still enough to make some nice images). And about 10 percent would be guerilla style. I don't want to have the canon 17-120 lens for example as the images don't 'feel' as nice as my Fujinon. I just wanted something a bit more sharp, but maybe I'm just exaggerating... Also, I have a B cam for tele shots. So I don't really have to swap lenses, just camera's.

    Still, the V2 of the Fujinon might be a better option than my current one.
    Then the Alura zoom might also be an option...

    So many good options. Thanks everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    S35 doc filming is an interesting lens landscape at the moment. I see much of the shorter zooms discussed, but things like the Zeiss 21-100 T2.9-3.9, moderately made for doc shooting to be lightweight should be mentioned.

    I'm keen on the Tokina 25-75mm T2.9 that's incoming. I'm expecting that design to be good and very useful as it's a smidge wider than the Optimo. But you'll need some glass to flesh out the long and wide end.

    To that point I think a no brainer to always have is that Tokina 11-20mm T2.9. There still really isn't anything like it on the market. It does exhibit CA, but if you need a wide through ultra-wide zoom for S35 with minimal breathing it's pretty much the thing.

    The trio with the Tokina 11-20mm T2.9 and the two DZO zooms of 20-55 and 55-125mm T2.9 is a nice little kit.

    From experience I don't know if the Optimos are going to provide much more than your Cabrio in terms of sharpness/resolving power. I would position Alura zooms in the discuss if that's the look you're after.

    Another consideration, though not parfocal are the Sigma and Tokina zooms. Sigma's 18-35 T2 has been popular due to it's cleaner look and speed.

    Though a bigger lens, I do own and use the Zeiss 28-80 T2.9 for larger format filming and I have been renting the Premistas. I don't find them too big to tackle a doc, but they are certainly in size and weight bigger than many of the lenses we're discussing here.
    Hi Phil,

    didn't look at the Alura's for some reason... Looks like a great option. Is this the "new" Fujinon cabrio?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Cadmium View Post
    What exactly are you shooting on?

    If you can wait (and get an LPL mount) Arri is releasing their 24-75mm Signature Zoom, which will almost certainly have the level of quality you're looking for. It's coming out later this year, though.

    It'll have around 45mm coverage, so the angle of view at full coverage is around the same or wider as the Canon 17-120 at it's native coverage.
    Would love to have this one, but this might be a little more money than I would like to spend. I still want to upgrade my Scarlet W to Gemini for this project and just invested in the Komodo.
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    Worth mentioning: if you get the DZO from Duclos, they add in 2 years of professional service / backfocus adjustment.

    Even if you don't live in Los Angeles, seems worth it to me!

    Bruce Allen
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    The 17-120 is the way to go if the weight/length and iris ramp aren't a problem. It's a great range, but so is the 19-90. FWIW the mk2 Cabrio bears little difference to the mk1 and no appreciable change in sharpness. They changed the front element retaining ring and a bit with the coating, I believe. I've shot them side-by-side at least a dozen times (on shows due to availability), capturing/finishing in 4K, and there's never been a noticeable difference at all. So, maybe give your cabrio a 2nd look.
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