Hello Red fellows, this summer, during the COVID lock-down in Montreal, we decided to make a totally independent feature film on our on money and whit what we could muster. Plan wassimple: shoot a film for 10K in 10 days. Well that didnt worked as planed but we managed to finish it in 28 days of shoot burning all the money we dont have. One has to me crazy to make films anyhow; right?

Whole film was shoot on Helium and with vintage Nikkor, AIS high speed lenses. Almost entire film was shoot wide open in order to get 1980s vibe of romantic comedy. It was bold to shoot no budget Indi in 8k RAW but we did it.

Now we are trying to finish the film and we made a crowdfunding campaign for post production of the film. Any support would be highly appreciated.


Luka and Roberto