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    Hey, all-

    We're getting together a little short film shoot together to test out #2915. Alas, we were so prompt on our payment that we missed the new audio boards by A DAY!!

    Does anyone out there have equipment that can take a mic-level signal to a line-level signal so our RED can grab it? If anyone out there does, you're welcome on "set" (it'll be pretty casual) on Saturday. No pay, I'm hoping that someone who wants to get their hands on a camera will have something we could use and it'd be a mutually beneficial situation.

    We have mic and cables, although if you have a complete audio package you'd rather use, then that's fine!

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    I have the equipment Ryan, don't worry, I'll be there. How many mics you need pre-amps for?

    >>Alan G
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    NYC, U.S.A.

    PM me,
    Kinetic Imaging Producer
    SMPTE, DCI LLC & iif
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    How did it go?
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