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    Quote Originally Posted by Seán_T View Post

    And yes my first response to the wiretap central workflow was not ideal
    less than ideal, maybe...but a very welcome addition indeed. Wiretap has increased our productivity 10 fold working w/ r3d files. Plus w/ wiretap you can easily browse thru all your footage and review your metadata changes in realtime on the included viewer.


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    Someone mention it was fully native at the booth but maybe they really meant via SDK? I checked back and it is via SDK
    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Cueto View Post
    From my understanding EVERYONE but SCRATCH is using the SDK...

    I believe filmlight release this week the native support for R3D (we got a Baselight here as well, crossing fingers for that one)
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    "For Lustre running on Microsoft® Windows® operating system, compressed media support for formats such as R3D and QuickTime is available by running transcoding services on a network-connected remote Linux based server. For optimal playback performance, infiniband networking is recommended."

    "Compressed media transcoding support can also be handled remotely by a network connected Linux-based server."

    "Import of compressed media such as RED ONE R3D™, Apple® QuickTime®, and MXF files for Lustre on Linux® only. Remote transcoding of compressed media on Linux Servers."
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