Hi All (again)

My next question is about doing a RED offline with SD quicktimes. We are going to by using Clipfinder to render out our QT's as H264 1024x576. (using Clipfinder because the production company has already made selects!) Clipfinder only seems to export an afe for DNxHD renders.

So I did a render and stopped it for the afe, then rendered SD qts. I just did a test in the Avid whereby I started a 1080 project to import the afe then opened that in an SD project. (1080 25p then to a 25p project) and copied the AFE and batched in the SD qt's.

It seems to have worked out ok, just wondered if anyone had a better solution or if there were any issues about doing it this way especially when it comes to the dpx conform?

Thanks again.