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    Congratulations, David!
    Martin Stevens

    President and Founder of Glidecam Industries, Inc.
    Producer and Director at Metaphoric Pictures Corporation.
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    Congrats. Well deserved. Among the many things I appreciate about your work:

    1) Your facility at integrating moving camera shots with static frames so fluidly that even steadicam moves don't call attention to themselves - unless desired.

    2) You keep the contrast characteristic, color palette and lighting geography of your coverage spot on with the master/reverse.

    3) Your lighting techniques manage to establish depth in the frame and, at the same time, give your talent the right look and feel to support their performance. All too often I see masters with good dimensional cues cut with singles that "float" in space. Your skill at maintaining spacial relationships with your coverage is one of those subtle things that contributes to the deeper engagement of the viewer.

    Cheers - #19
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    Congrats David !!!
    EPIC-X DRAGON 7424
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    Season 3 trailer has been released.
    David Mullen, ASC
    Los Angeles
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Mullen ASC View Post

    Season 3 trailer has been released.

    Opening shot over the water.......?????
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    Hi David,

    I recently saw the film Knowing (2009) shot by Simon Duggan and noticed several closeups appear to have a key light with mixed hard and soft sources, often times a soft wrapping key to the darker side of face along with an overlapping harder light on the brighter side. I've always assumed you try to keep your key light as 'clean' as possible to avoid double shadows from mixed sources, especially in closeups. I'm assuming Mr. Duggan does this to add shape/definition? Any thoughts on this, and any suggestions for lighting interesting looking closeups?

    Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 10.08.36 PM.jpg
    Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 10.08.07 PM.jpg

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