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    Hi everybody,
    I known this is a "deja vu" post, but I need some more specific coordinates:
    I'm gonna color correct a 4k shooting with Shake in DPX 10bit log. What's the best settings for render dpx from REDAlert (I mean Color Space, Gamma Space etc.)?
    Thank you so much
    Marco Graziaplena
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    If you can make a custom log-lin conversion, you can go with redlog gamma, here you can find the conversion settings:
    Now, if you need a classic CINEON-like density values (blk95, wth685, etc), read the autodesk document:
    Redlog makes optimal use of the dinamic range over 10-bit resolution, but it´s a non-standart curve, so you need non-standart conversion to pull a correct video gamma image.
    In my case, I need an image as close as posible to a cineon scan because all film post software that works with log files (color, shake, autodesk, scratch, cinespace, etc...) are waiting cineon-like densities and some are not very friendly to adjust the log to lin conversion or view LUT, so, I´m using Autodesk´s setting (pdlog 985 exposure -2) to convert to DPX.
    If you´re going to film-out, you´ll need anyway to end in correct cineon densities if you want a no-problem film recording.
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    I'm going for video, but colorist and compositor asked anyway for log files.
    You would rather use RedAlert, RedRushes or Crimson to get Dpx.
    Ps editing is in Fcp
    Marco Graziaplena
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    Is Shake the best call for colour correction?
    Charles Angus Taylor
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    not at all. you won't see playback in real time and is basicaly a compositing software...
    best one is depending on workflow and budget
    - scratch
    - pablo
    - color
    - lustre
    and more..
    Marco Graziaplena
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