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    Senior Member Frank Weeks's Avatar
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    Atlanta or Charlotte would be nice
    Frank Weeks
    Epic-X and Red One MX
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    Just throwing this out there, the weekend of June 19th would be a very bad weekend to have it in NYC
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    Northern VA
    Adding my request for Washington DC metro area. Doesn't have to be "in" DC. Can be in Maryland or Northern VA within easy driving from Dulles or Reagan Airports.
    If you're driving, somewhere between Baltimore and DC would work for most.
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    yes on DC area event. NY isn't that bad a trip for me, but DC would be great. We had a Red event at a classic old theatre in Silver Spring MD (inside the beltway) just over a year ago. Local director/DP sponsored it. Our company was involved in the post workflow side of it, and there was a great turnout.

    Mark & Steve, if you would be interested in doing something in the DC area let me know, I'm fairly sure I could get the same theatre involved again, and there is a very large support base to pull from around here for getting gear in to help in any way.

    But, not on June 19th

    Sorry, should also have mentioned Chesapeake systems in Baltimore for really pushing it
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    I was just about to ask for an east coast event as well and then found this thread, as I too couldn't make it to Las Vegas or LA.

    I also would like to put a vote out there for DC as well; although I will attend in NYC, Charlotte or Atlanta if my schedule permitted. If it's in DC I can probably get a few more people from around here as well to come up that I've been convincing they need to go Red.

    I too am a 7D shooter right now, and am not going to get my first hands on a Red One till August time frame (helping someone borrowing one), but I'd love to come learn more and meet a lot of the people using this technology.

    In any case, thanks for doing this. I will definitely spread the work in NC when dates and such are announced.
    Rick Burnett
    Future SCARLET S35 #_______
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    Any news on this?
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    Philadelphia would be an optimal location - easy train access from both NYC and DC.
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    Senior Member Andrae Palmer's Avatar
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    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Miami... poolside.
    Andrae Palmer

    Package for rent in South Florida with EPIC-X Camera #721 & RED One #6353, RPP, RED Rocket, RED 18-50 & Oconnor 2575C. Davinci Resolve, FSI LM-2461W & Mac Pro 12 core. Rentals/Equipment List:
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    If you ever have another NYC event I will gladly pitch in however needed to help out!

    I just moved to New York and have worked with the RED twice before but I had so much fun working with the camera I want to turn that into a full time profession.
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    Senior Member Patrik Kisucky's Avatar
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    Boston, Ma
    I'm in Boston and new to RED. Are there any meetups or any events for Redusers in Boston, NY? I don't see a lot of activity in this thread, but maybe I'm missing more info.
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