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    blah, blah, blah.... I'm a student, why buy a monitor, Scarlett next month, FF, etc, etc... details... details!!!!!!

    I don't want to talk about any of that!!!!!!! Where the "F" do I send my money and how do I submit my new address (with a picture of me) under Julia Tuttle bridge so that fedex can find me!!!!

    My wife just blew her top!!! Shes going to throw me, my farting dog and the stupid uniform I walk around in (Red Hat & Shirt) on the street!!!!

    So again, where do i send the money!!!!!! Thats all I want to talk about!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Nguyen View Post
    What I don't get is how that EVF will work if you're mounting the Red Gunner on your shoulder.
    Sorry... but I think you have missed the point we have been trying to make for the past year... that you can put anything anywhere you want. These are examples only. Plus, the EVF is on an angle/extender base so you can push it forward, angle it up... to just about any position you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Jeff sorry for your disappointment. Remember though, in your list of things you have there you don't actually need any of those (except the Compact Flash) to go out and actually start shooting....
    And the LCD? I mean can you shoot without some kind of monitoring device?

    So we are talking about Scarlet Fixed body, CF-Card module and the 2.8" LCD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Nguyen View Post
    What I don't get is how that EVF will work if you're mounting the Red Gunner on your shoulder.
    I was thinking the same thing. Looks like it might have a swivel-mount underneath, which might be nice because if you turn your head, your eyes would be diagonal to the rig, which would be perfect for the optical viewfinder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonaci Tran View Post
    To think.. assuming all goes well, we will have Epics out in less than two just insane. I'm so dying to know how many Tattoos are going to be in the beta pool. I'm feeling REAL good I made the early leap a couple years ago. Thanks Jim, Jared and the rest of the Red team.
    I still remeber those night scooter shots from Vietnam. Really nice.

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    I'm not complaining but, it would have been nice if the Stage One customers also got a free hat with Tattoo on it.

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    I am just simply happy... right now just sitting on the beach of RED one island and soon traveling to the unexplored land mass called epic....
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    Sorry if this has been covered but the search button seems to be disabled.

    What will come out the gigabit ethernet port? Will it be realtime streaming like I believe you can do with Thomson Infinity? Or just for file transfer similar to USB, etc.?
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    Man, I'm glad I bought my RED before the 29th!

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    OK, how do I get in line for a Tattoo?
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