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    Junior Member Jose Garcia's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Zürich Switzerland
    DSMC2® BRAIN® w/ GEMINI™ 5K S35 stolen in Switzerland

    DSMC2® BRAIN® w/ GEMINI™ 5K S35 DSMC2-017188
    DSMC²™ Base I/O V-Lock Expander 72013069B28C
    DSMC AL CANON MOUNT 72513069A42D
    DSMC² RED TOUCH 7.0" LCD (Aluminum) 73013069B8A2
    RED MINI-MAG® 480GB 75013069BF7E
    DSMC2 SIDE HANDLE 72013069AF7E
    Schweizer AG
    Professionelle Videotechnik
    8952 Schlieren / Switzerland
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    Senior Member Fabio Lanzone's Avatar
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    Jul 2014
    Milan, Italy
    Red Raven stolen today in Milan, Italy.

    Raven #886
    4.7 in Redtouch
    I/O base v-lock expander
    DSMC2 Side handle
    240 Mini Redmag
    RAVEN #00886
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    Senior Member Michael Kern's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Our film set in Salt Lake City was Burglarized last night, March 30 2019.

    RED Epic Weapon Helium 8K [BRAIN] #001717

    RED Scarlet 5K [BRAIN] #001393

    Set of Cooke lenses stolen:

    Cooke 18mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8018-0639
    Cooke 25mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8025-0639
    Cooke 32mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8032-0639
    Cooke 50mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8050-0639
    Cooke 75mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8075-0639
    Cooke 100mm T2.8 miniS4/i Cine Lens 8100-0639

    And tons of other gear.

    Please if anyone sees anything pop up, let us know.
    Michael Kern
    Executive Creative Director / Partner
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    Senior Member Damien Molineaux's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Geneva | Switzerland
    The number of posts in this thread is depressing, here's one more.
    Stolen April 17th in Geneva Switzerland, or neighbourig France:

    RED Epic-M Dragon, sn:EPIC-M03029
    2 REDmags 240GB. sn: 750102A4EC9D2 and sn: 750102A4ECF82
    Many other accessories including
    1 set of Cooke Speed Panchros:
    Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 18mm sn: 766206
    Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 25mm sn: 747039
    Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 32mm sn: 769273
    Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 40mm sn: 752783
    Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 50mm sn: 701899
    Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 75mm sn: 768575
    Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 100mm sn: 7597932
    camera rental and post services
    filmmaking around the world since 1999
    participatory filmmaking laboratory
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    Jan 2014
    DSMC Al Canon Mount SN: 725102b4e8a9
    DSMC RED MOTION MOUNT® Ti Canon SN: 725102af68c5
    RED MINI-MAG Side SSD Module SN: 720102B57F84
    RED MINI-MAG 512GB SN: 750102b4f397, 750102b4f39e
    RED MINI-MAG Station SN: RMMIN01891
    RED Switchblade-M SN: 720102B48C6D
    RED MINI-MAG Station
    RED SS Rod - 18" (2)
    DSMC Universal Mount (19mm)
    DSMC Mounting Plate
    RED PRO Matte Box
    DSMC Quick Release Platform Pack
    Matte Box Rod Support
    DSMC Tactical Top Plate 2.0
    DSMC Low Light Optimized OLPF
    DSMC Skin-Tone Optimized OLPF
    AC Adapter
    Wooden Camera PL Mount
    SWITRONIX SWGP2LSJK Dual Position Charger
    Rolux RL-95S 95wh V-Mount Battery (4)
    Pelican Storm 2500 Case

    O'Connor 1030B Fluid Head
    O'Connor 25L Tripod
    O'Connor 1030 Series Molded Case

    ikan IKFFT05 Tilta Single*Sided Cinema Follow Focus

    Rokinon EF 24, 35, 50, 85mm T1.5 Cine DS Lens Kit
    Pelican 1500 Case

    smallHD DP7 PRO
    Ultralight 7" Arm
    AC Adapter
    Nanuk 918 Case

    MōVI Pro
    MōVI Ring Pro
    MIMIC with Handlebars
    6x MōVI Pro Battery Pack 1.8Ah
    2x MōVI Pro Battery Charger
    MōVI Pro Adjustable Camera Plate
    MōVI Adjustable Top Camera Plate
    MōVI Hot Shoe Mount
    MōVI Pro RED EPIC Start/Stop Cable
    MōVI Pro Ground Case

    Everything here went out on a rental in Toronto, Canada on Friday May 10, 2019 and it has never returned.
    Cases and some components have EPIC TORONTO stickers on them.
    Justin J Chambers
    Director // DP
    Toronto, Canada
    Epic Dragon #08051 "Falkor"
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    Backpack stolen Sunday morning 6/23/2019 near 3424 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA between 1:10am-2:30am containing the following items

    RED Raven camera brain – $8,950 SN #000376
    Kessler Base Plate - $50
    Lenses -
    Sigma 18-35mm SN 51327076 - $800
    Sigma 50mm - $1200
    Rokinon 85mm - $350

    7 inch Red Touch LCD screen - $3500
    Model: 730-0024

    Asus Laptop containing Samsung 1tb 970evo ssd $1500
    SN – H8N0CX16E96834B

    Max Digital Screen Protector - $85

    3 batteries
    U-power 150wh - $250
    U-power 95wh - $200
    Lith 95wh - $200
    Quasar Q-lion battery light - $200
    Rubber handles - $50
    Harddrive $50
    3 RED Mini Mags $2500
    Mini Mag Card reader $100
    Laptop Chargers $25
    Think tank airport commuter backpack $210
    Nylon Bag of Lens Filters in the bottom mesh - $300
    DJI Bag of wrenches and tools in the top mesh - $150
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    Junior Member
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    Dec 2017
    Portland, Oregon
    Stolen: Oakland, CA

    Serial: E-W009352
    7 inch RED Touch LCD screen
    DSMC2 V-LOCK i/o expander: 720130574A9d
    RED mini mag 480gb
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