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  #1 November 30th Announcement Feedback 
    Fire Chief Jarred Land's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Announcement is here :

    The Announcement thread is locked so use this thread for feedback.

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    Senior Member Joseph Ward's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Red Ray Pro and Red Ray Consumer? Are they modular?

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    Senior Member Ketch Rossi's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Don't worry Jarred, in appreciation of all the extra hard work I'll be sure to bring extra large LASAGNA trays for the Engineers and you guys with some nice CHIANTI to go with, when I drive down to get my new RED toys :-)

    ..and yeah RED RAY PRO looks so bad A$#!@ is already playing at HOME :-)
    F I L M M A K E R


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    Senior Member alex lemon's Avatar
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    wow! red ray pro looks gorgeous...

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    RED RAY Pro... I like it. Is the RED logo on the front a knob or dial? Looks like we have a couple options for inserting media and connecting other storage. Nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Announcement is here :

    The Announcement thread is locked so use this thread for feedback.
    Just an FYI Jarred.. Normally when Jim starts these announcement threads it automatically puts a link on the main RED.COM page under RECON Words from Jim, but since you started the thread there is no link there yet. I've obviously found it ok and I assume anyone really looking for it can too, but you might want to have Jim add a quick post so it will update that link page... get more traffic :)

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    Apr 2009
    So the RED Ray will play movies? Mission Impossible III is on the screen.
    Will I have to get a 4k TV now? Cuz I will...

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    "Mission Impossible II.avi"

    So REDRay will be an AVI codec?

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    Red Ray Pro is a very pro looking piece of gear. I'm sure you'll move plenty of these! looking forward to more.

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    That photo of RED RAY Pro... whoa.
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