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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Goodloe View Post
    How do you suppose we get it to 88 mph?
    The new batteries are capable of 1.21 Jiggawatts.
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    Pierce Good job dude :)

    Just for future reference if you click in the #no of the post at the top right it will take you to the individual post with a separate url. With this url you are then able to copy and insert into the appropriate word for a hypertext to any particular post .to do this just copy the individual URL , highlight text with your cursor whilst editing your post, then click on the link button in your menu and paste URL ,OK. This should give you better way of formatting any future summaries with reference to individual posts

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    Hours of forum fun :) !
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    When will we here more about the stills functionality of these new cams?

    Since I am a documentary shooter of both stills and motion, I was hoping that Red could be my only camera(s) but after reading about a 10-15 startup time I am beginning to wonder if the Scarlet/Epic will be for stills, the same as the EOS cams are to video. ie you still need cam dedicated cam for each function.

    Right now, I have the HPX500, 5D, 5DMII, and 1DMIII. I wanted the Red 1 but there was a waiting list when I needed the 500 ;(... While the DOF of the MII is nice I can not use use for professional video work due to its many limitations/flaws but for stills it's pretty good. I can turn it on and take a photo in 1/2 second but the shutter lag is an irritating 73ms, and it's autofocus tends to hunt.

    I know most people here are film makers but since the new cams are being billed as still/motion hybrid it would be nice to hear a little more info about that aspect for us hybrid shooters.

    Key questions for me are....

    Compatible format?(Will I still be able to use my favorite image editing software?)
    Where will the autofocus quality be?(5D-ish or 1D-ish)
    Sleep mode for stills? (10-15 seconds is ok for video but not for stills)
    Shutter Lag? (at or under 50ms?)
    Highest shutter speed? (8k or higher I hope)

    If I come to Red Day can I find out some of this info?
    Sean Frego

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