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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Saxon View Post
    If it turns out issues like this make the Scarlets and Epics not-quite-ideal as still cameras, a simpler stills-only brain is not a bad idea. The more brains they spread sensor R&D costs between, the more people they sell modules and other accessories to, the cheaper everything will be, and the faster R&D on the next products will be.

    You really think I was the only one hoping the FF35 Scarlet could be my cinema camera AND replace my DSLR? I think that's what they MEANT with 'DSMC'

    But even if it turns out you couldn't do it with one brain, a Scarlet brain plus the stills-only brain and only ONE of everything else would probably still be cheaper and easier than owning two totally different camera systems from two different manufacturers. I'd be down for that.
    I think that once you've shot motion, even for a still end product, you will probably never shoot stills again.

    Why take a portrait shot and have someone blink?
    Why take an action shot and miss it?
    Why take a landscape shot only to have it marred by wildlife?
    Shoot motion.

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    It is OK!
    Milan Nikolic :)

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    Send the prototype over to London, and I will make it boot in 2 secs.
    I had a look at the blueprints we stole... ah... you send us as agreed and I know where the problem is.


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    Jim, you have working prototypes?!??

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    LOL You were one of the first to notice or at least to post it ;-)

    11 days ago in Rome, Ted didn't have these news yet despite my direct question towards the subject.
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    Whatever Jim. I would gladly wait 10 minutes for this thing to boot up...not like I am going to be turning it off much anyway...:}

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    In an effort to get the bad news out as soon as we have it, it looks like we will likely miss (at least) one proposed spec on EPIC/Scarlet. The engineers tell me that a 2 second startup time is now not possible given all the changes/additions to the program. Our current prototypes are starting up in 15 seconds and we think a reasonable target for production cameras is about 10 seconds.

    er... it's a Cinema Camera, not a news camera...

    15 sec is more than enough for such mega power :)

    Keep up the incredible work!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark L. Pederson View Post
    So .... in case everyone was stuck on the 15 second thing ... RED HAS PROTOTYPES CURRENTLY BOOTING!

    A very good sign.
    That's the news I'm interested in!

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    15 seconds is fine for me. Current 'PROTOTYPES'. It's funny how Jim tries to deliver bad news and inadvertedly ends up breaking the best news we've heard for ages.

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    I don't know that a 'stills' mode would boot any quicker. Without a mirror you're dependent on the video system to see anything.

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