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    This is a well-known ingenious technique of screenwriting (never say "I love you"),
    So long as he doesn't tell us tomorrow that he accidentally knocked all three prototypes off the table and can't remember how they worked :D

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    That's totally cool. And I assume it's something that can be improved with firmware updates, can't it?

    My only concern with Scarlet (S35 in particular) is getting it as soon as possible. =)

    You guys have done enough as it is, just get 'em out there!

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    What is more interesting to me is that if for Jim this is the bad news, beside the subtle news of having working Prototypes, I just can't wait to find out the GOOD NEWS!

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    Note the "(at least)" part of Jim's post, there might be more missed specs to come
    . Fingers crossed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    In an effort to get the bad news out as soon as we have it, it looks like we will likely miss (at least) one proposed spec on EPIC/Scarlet. The engineers tell me that a 2 second startup time is now not possible given all the changes/additions to the program. Our current prototypes are starting up in 15 seconds and we think a reasonable target for production cameras is about 10 seconds.



  5. #75 cutting boot time in embedded systems 
    I work in embedded systems and can feel your pain. The machine I maintain the operating system for is currently booting an embedded linux system in about 60s. But there are numerous ways I can think of to make it boot faster, like, for example boot a stripped down image for a subset of functionality, use XIP (eXecute In Place), find all the places where the kernel is needlessly waiting for stuff to happen. Every couple of weeks our project leader sends me links to websites citing super quick boot times with embedded linux systems while bemoaning those unacceptable 60 seconds.
    Cutting down boot times is a really hot topic in the industry right now. We've seen Netbooks coldboot in 5 (five) seconds now, and that is a full operating system without cheating.
    That being said, I really would like to know what OS and CPU-Architecture Epic and Scarlet are running on. But I guess that falls into the realm of "they certainly won't tell me" (quote SS).
    I mean, an ASIC does not really have a boot time, right? It just resets and boom - alive! But then again, everything apart from the heavy lifting (wavelet encoding and such) has to run on the host processor.

    And yes, from all missable targets this one sure hurts the least, at least from a motion standpoint.

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    15 seconds ? No can do sir, my assistants can set an entire shot, including camera, lights, and talent in 5. What is he gonna be doing with the spare 10 seconds ?
    This is bad !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philipe Ratton View Post
    15 seconds ? No can do sir, my assistants can set an entire shot, including camera, lights, and talent in 5. What is he gonna be doing with the spare 10 seconds ?
    This is bad !!!
    As matter of fact, I never understood the obsession. It is a cinema camera, right? ;-)
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    anything more than 1 second is too long for SQUIRREL!!... where was i?
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    Working Prototypes!!!
    Great News Jim.

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    Very good news, 10-15 sec for a boot time.

    No problem.

    I anyway have BeBob Rouge hot swap system that could save me for a couple of hours with RED1 and with the future cameras even more....
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