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    The mock-up image looks pretty aweful but its good to see they are back on track so to speak from the dvx100/hvx200 days. I wasnt expecting them to do this for a long time!


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    This is a step in the right direction. The video specs are very dated, especially with Red on the horizon but the move to larger sensors and interchangeable lens mounts is what this industry needs. Frankly, the perfect prosumer HD camera would be this sensor and lens mount with the codec of the new Canon XHA1 replacements. So far, no one is offering anything that can compete with the Scarlet 2/3 of S35 in terms of performance.
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    Fantastic! Glad to FINALLY see a camcorder that is accepting interchangeable lenses, I practically face-palmed when Canon's new camcorders didn't have that, because it's the one big thing that everyone has been asking for. Finally the benefits of the vDSLR's with a codec that isn't terrible! And good audio. This if great for the prosumer market, especially with Panasonic's track record with the DVX and HVX.

    If it's as good as those cameras, only with a better codec and an interchangable lens mount, that's great great news.

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    I love that they say "game-changing" and "and dramatically reduced video aliasing"! And 1080i on a "Digital Cinema" camera....

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    three years later and AVC hahaha!
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    "Digital cinematography camera" with 24 Mbps really is "game changing".

    With all the DSLR video and this, post guys will have to start buying a rubber chicken.
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    How is it that Panasonic consistently has the most hideous looking prototypes? I mean, I don't buy these cameras so they can look pretty on a shelf but I just don't understand some of their design decisions.

    Anyway, definitely a step in the right direction, I guess. I'm still going to get the 2/3" fixed, but at least there're options now.

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    Hopefull the HD-SDI out will be uncompressed, or at least 4:2:2

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    Is there an award for Ugliest Camera Design? Panasonic always seems to win that category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme Nattress View Post
    I love that they say "game-changing" and "and dramatically reduced video aliasing"! And 1080i on a "Digital Cinema" camera....
    This is inaccurate. It is native 1080/24p.

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