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    Im shooting at 23,98 fps, and with the RSP36 default color space. I've been manipulating the exposure and master gain settings. Sometimes I have to use the master gain at 1.5/1.6, some other times I have to change my exposure to 0.0 rather than using it at - 0.8 as I always do. The reason is lack of light during some shots. I would like to know if these changes affect the RAW material in post production? If it does affect the RAW image, could I always return to the RAW material and start without those changes in the master gain and exposure? Does ISO value affect the RAW image when arriving at post production? Thanks!!!!!

    PS. Im in the middle of this shoot....I would really appreciate to have a quick answer....thanks!!!!
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    Right off the bat, I can only assume the rsp36 means you are shooting with a pre build 30 camera in the red space view mode at rc36.

    However none of that is relevent. You wan to know if gains settings affect raw? The answer is no. However if you process that raw into anything else then those choices are baked in. There are only four look based settings that at permenent in an r1. Resolution, framerate, shutter and compression. (one could argue that varispeed and timebase are different and there for a fifth setting) ( one could argue also that under things like shutter you have various variables, there by makeing more settings)

    J. Eric Camp
    600 DIT | NYC
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    Thanks very much for the quick response!
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