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    According to the Lightning Strikes website, All Lightning Strikes fixtures "limit the shortest flash duration to 1/24th of a second." Lightning Strikes can be synced to the camera shutter, but only when using the "16 Light Sequencer."

    Then there is the Unilux strobe system, which flashes "in sync with the camera shutter, exposing each frame for 1/100,000 of a second." As far as I can see this exposure time is not adjustable.

    Finally, there is the AF1000 DataFlash, and similarly designed competitors. Minimum flash duration is either 1/120 of a second, in the case of 60 Hz power, or 1/100 of a second in the case of 50 Hz power, and is adjustable in multiples of this basic rate. This is the unit one would expect to encounter in a theatrical setting. There is no obvious way to sync it to the shutter.

    Perhaps it would be possible to sync Lightning Strikes and AF1000 DataFlash units by converting the camera shutter sync output to MIDI and then inputting the MIDI control signal to a DMX control board. But I have never seen it done, and can only speculate that it might be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Bachli View Post
    Well the workflow seems to change weekly as Red is doing a great job making the software more user friendly. Kona cannot do 4k but redalert cannot out a 4K quicktime, only 2K and the kona can do 2K. The red raw codec now seems to work great FCP6.

    1. Shoot 4K
    2. Import into RedAlert (untill redcine is available)
    3. do a grade in 4k
    4. Save grad, make proxy at 2K in Redalert
    5. Import 2K proxy into FCP6
    6. Quick render in FCP6 / use the Kona 3 to do a 2K crop so you can output and monitor 1080Psf
    7. Be very thankfull that this all kinda works finally
    8. collect paycheck
    9. Do it all again but hopefully with new builds and bugs
    Marc!!!! U R such Gig!!! I love it...


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