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    Welcome back Jim!

    As much as I'd like to get the Scarlet and Epic fast, I'd also like them done right :-)
    Take youre time, I'll be standing by!

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    Last post for the night... since it is 3am here. I believe in our team. I hope you do too...

    "The camera is arguably one of the most important of all inventions… it is the single tool that has the ability to stop time, record history, generate art, tell stories, and communicate messages that transcend language like nothing else ever conceived."

    "Everything in life changes... including our camera specs and delivery dates..."

    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with a bad attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Last post for the night... since it is 3am here. I believe in out team. I hope you do too...

    Sweet dreams...

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    Good to have you back Jim ! Everybody here is behind you

    "Other people see things and say, why ? - but I dream things that never were and say, why not."

    President Kennedy in his Speech to the Irish Parliament on June 28, 1963 quoting the writer George Bernard Shaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    When we 1st got wind of this, we decided to make EPIC in the US, hoping that the company would find a solution in time for Scarlet production.
    I think a camera manufactured in the US is a great idea.

    You ALL have produced a great product, so if there are some who start to rag on you about this, it out of two reasons. One is jealousy and they're looking for a soft spot to needle you, or two, they admire the company and its products and are eagerly awaiting the next great thing from RED. We've been prewired now to expect the best from you guys and always appreciate your candor. Keep it up!

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    Ok! So give me advice please: I have been waiting for Epic or Scarlet for about 2 years and..and every time was delay and delay again...I didn't but RED ONE because I wanted to get the best product in the product line for the nearest 2-3 years..Of course if i was known in 2008 or 2009 that I will not be able to buy Epic or Scarlet before 2011 I of course bought RED ONE in 2009. But now again this dillema as in 2008-2009: buy RED ONE now and start shoot with risk that when will be released Epic and Scarlet my RED ONE became more old and whorse then Epic and Scarlet for the same money approx. or wait for about 6 month and buy the best products - Scarlet or Epic...but the risk that these 6 month may became 10, 12, 16. It is too long to wait for start shooting. So if I will know that I will be able to buy Epic or Scarlet in the begining 2011 I will wait if I will know that I will be able to buy Epic or Scarlet only in the end of 2011 I will buy RED ONE now. So if you were me What will you do? Wait and hope with so risk to buy Epic or Scarlet in the March 2011 or will buy RED ONE now with risk that if Epic and Scarlet will be released in Murch 2011...My RED ONE will not be yet the best product in the market for the aproxx same money? I just don't know what is the best dessision because I have money only for one chance? And of course I want to buy the best product for the same price for the nearest 2-3 yeasrs. Could you please advise me something? Thanks

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    Great to see you're back Jim. Hope you're health is in check mate!

    Not sure it'll change the fate of the Scarlet's production direction - but: Hon Hai's (Foxconn's parent co.) Commitment to China: Total.
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    Glad your back and fighting fit.
    Looking forward to Reds products continuing to revolutionise the cam world.

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    You have 100% support, i for one really appreciate RED's unprecedented levels of communication with customers, just being kept in the loop makes all the difference. Good to see you back.

    "If you want to be free just be free, do not ask anyone.
    You must have a hypothesis of your own fate and follow it without submitting yourself and by ignoring the circumstances". Andrei Tarkovsky.

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    Welcome back, good to see you in fighting mode.

    Love your passion for excellence. Leave "good enough" to the others.

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