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    Good luck with it all Jim and take it easy. Patience is one of the toughest things. Total support from this end.
    Robert Castiglione

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    Alexey -
    If you need to shoot now, then take a look at a pre-owned RED ONE market. Picking one up now, will allow you to shoot amazing footage now. Making money from it, now. Like waiting for the best computer, best still camera, or best phone, you will be waiting forever.

    If you start shooting with a RED ONE right now, you will be blown away with it. You will learn your work flow for acquisition and post. That will mean that you can earn money from your RED, and the time to aquire your EPIC or Scarlet will be that much quicker, as you will be out shooting, rather than waiting. Waiting for Godot.


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    50 steps forward, one step back. You could have done worse. ;-)

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    @ Alexey Datsenko
    Apart from it being unreadable and I don't even understand if you have a camera or not, you state both.
    This q has been asked an answered a lot of times and this is a life's q. Nobody can answer it for you but you.
    However I can give you a tip. Don't use anything as an excuse to not do what you want to do. But do it in a different way.... Scared of buying ->rent..... or buy something else. Or as above mentioned secondhand.
    If you want to shoot images? Go, please do that. It does not matter which camera you use. (of course it does but it is more important to shoot and life ain't perfect)

    For The bug. I think critters are interesting but can be a bit of nuisance.
    About production.. this is a bit of a dilemma I have, Because things will be more financial expensive if you build close to home but if done right is it really? And what about those costs that we don't pay now? Like the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to find qualified workers? Is that really worth 500.- something on a total price of 4750.- somethings?

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    Glad your back Jim - and well.
    Thou Im drooling for the Sacarlet since you guys announced it, I appreciate the afford to make sure it works like a charm before it hits the shelves.

    All the best from Germany,


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    JIM IS BACK! You need to have some loud trumpet sounds to go along with the post :) Hope you're in good health and feeling in good mad Red Leader spirits.

    Don't sweat the delays. Some of us have been waiting since 2006 for you guys to offer something we can afford :P - we can wait a little longer...

    BTW, very glad to hear you hired more people! Even if the new SWAT team's only job is to bring your current employees baskets of grapes and back massages as they sweat through it.

    Bruce Allen

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    Good thing is R1 MX is out in the wild, while we all wait for lighter cameras.

    In my book EPIC can come when it's done.

    I think timing is more of an issue with the Scarlet crowd...

    Anyhow. Good to see you back and good luck killing off the bugs.

    Life is good. So is RED...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Also... thanks to all the have shown concern for my health issues. They seem to be resolved (...)

    This is the best news I could ever read @ -- the leftover doesn't really even matter comparing with this. You are in our thoughts, you've always been. Even with people who you don't even know they exist. But they ask for you. Go figure 'cause they're facts. We do care about you ;-)

    All the Best,
    E. :-)
    RED ONE @home
    Emanuel & Co's RED ONE
    RED 300mm LENS
    Who am I?

    * LINK *
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jannard View Post
    Also... thanks to all the have shown concern for my health issues. They seem to be resolved. I'm getting old. But not too old to finish this job right. Any minor legacy I might have depends on EPIC and Scarlet being released properly. :-)

    Once you reach 50, you're no longer air-tight or waterproof. ;-)

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    The more I deal with suppliers (including my beloved Apple) the more I develop a huge appreciation for how rare Red's approach to development and customer feedback is. This kind of post is invaluable in planning the short-term future and making sure one's ducks are firmly in a row for the day my 5k 125fps HDR beasts arrive at my doorstep.

    Great to hear the positive health news Jim. Best of luck to you and the team in the bug-hunt.

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