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    darryl phinnessee
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigLu View Post
    Where at what time please
    first post on page 2
    I did RSVP

    Also I am confirming that I am bringing a minimum of (2) kino flow 4 banks and my Nikon D200 to take photos. I will bring my 2 parabeams 200's if they are back from being rented. All I have at this time are daylight bulbs.

    See you guys on Saturday.
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    Just talk to Stephen at Element Technica, he's bring all the toys.
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    There have been over 140 RSVP's to the Event, and I want to thank you all for your participation... This is going to be one hell of an event. I again want to thank Kappa studios they have been fantastic...
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    adobene, I'm planning on being there. If you need more REDs, I can bring good ole #754 and set it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GLEN TRACY View Post
    adobene, I'm planning on being there. If you need more REDs, I can bring good ole #754 and set it up.
    That would be cool, thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by adobeone View Post
    That would be cool, thank you
    I'll bring her then. PM me with any details I should know.
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    Hey guys the Breakfast was a blast got alot of good information. Love to come out to L.A and see the action. Can't wait for the next one. It was much appreciated. Nice work.
    Denny Morales
    Executive Producer
    Searching for teachers to Teach Red class.
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    I wanted to thank everyone that came to the last meeting; I also wanted to say how grateful I was to Ian Bloom, for taking the time to join us via video link while on location. He did two sessions for us so everyone who had a question about the Crimson workflow, got the answers they were looking for.

    I wanted to thank SHARK GUY Ken Corbin, for brining his incredible footage. Having seen it for myself, the Red has few limits. Ken also brought his underwater housing for the Red. I could describe it with many additives that could fill this whole thread. In the end though it could all be summed up with the world SWEET!!!

    I especially wanted to thank everyone one that helps put these events together. It takes allot of time and work to pulls this stuff off as well as we do. Even more incredible is the fact that we all have the cruelest day job ever created by man production! Paul, Bryan, Igor, and the entire staff at Kappa Studios thanks and yes I am getting misty, but damn it I don’t care.

    We introduced a new session called the owners circle. It was a good chance to get some issues talked about. Thanks to SHANE for the idea, it is my understanding that he has taken the lead, and is working on an agenda for our next meeting.

    In closing I wanted to highlight the shear brillance of the article in this months issue, of POST magazine. (Page 24) It is rare in today’s media to get things so right, on so many levals as it’s pure journalistic exspresion. Dare I say briliant pice of reporting. You can judge for yourselves, again that is this months issue of POST magazine PAGE 24. Not be confused with page 34, which I didn’t read. Frankly I was still in awe of what I read on, Page 24 in this months issue of POST magazine. As a point of fact it wasn’t until I reach page 54 that I was almost recovered from the awe. That I felt from reading the acticle on PAGE 24 of this months issue of POST magazine…..

    These meetings only work because you guys show up, and are so giving of your knowledge thanks again. News of the next meeting will be up soon.
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    For monthly RED User Group Los Angeles breakfast meetings visit
    Igor Ridanovic
    Co-founder of RED Los Angeles User Group
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