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    Lagos Nigeria/Atlanta GA
    I work a lot in Nigeria (Although I am based in Atlanta) and will be using RED for a variety of projects there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    it amazes me the reach... ive gotta make some location sections.
    Good idea Jarred. But don't be so amazed at all!

    Fidel is a well-known member as well. It was there where all this RED-worldwide-range-thing began.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
    Great idea, and maybe a "Projects" forum, where RED User members could share stories, frames, and clips from the projects they're using RED One on. That would be an awesome addition to RED User! (Perhaps divided into geographical areas and genres of production?)

    The tech end of RED One is great...but then stories and frames of that tech in real world use around the world would benefit everyone in the RED community.
    Sorry I know we are drifiting off topic but...

    this will be great indeed, why not start it right away, red camera available or not, the stuff that shows up here with pictures from the bottom of the ocean to the moon are so great that I get really curios what people are doing with motion

    then we could get into a discussion of what is really the best way to post video on the web, what player, quicktime, windows, or embedded in flash, what size and codec plays best for most users on this forum etc. then when red footage comes out, we already have the best solution for streaming it worked out
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    Hi, I'm based in Vienna now - after many years of working in Africa - but intend to put at least one of our REDs to good use in Africa. I think, there's plenty of stories there that need and deserve to be told!

    So, where do I keep my titanium "R" ? In my Vienna office, when in Europe. With me, when travelling - i.e.; to the blue nile falls / Ethiopia some weeks ago.
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    Great shot Redkube1. How 'bout a hi-rez version? Thanks.
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    It's going to be hard to get footage in a unique location. Anybody in Romania? Guilin? Lake Titicaca?
    November 3rd is likely to be the most watched day in Reduser history. It will be well worth it.

    -Jim Jannard


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bro Anansi View Post
    Well Fidel, I am based in Toronto but I have plans to shoot a music video in Ghana with a local artist. I am also hoping to travel to South Africa to reconnect and do some music videos with some friends who have returned to SA.

    So many stories to tell about the struggle in Angola.
    Aluta continua!
    I am in Ghana too. Do get in touch when you are here next.
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    We are planning a 4K production / post facility in Johannesburg based on Red aquisition and Scratch. I know Digital Film in Johannesburg have two Red's on order that will be for hire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4K Hub View Post
    We are planning a 4K production / post facility in Johannesburg based on Red aquisition and Scratch. I know Digital Film in Johannesburg have two Red's on order that will be for hire.

    Excellent, more Red folk in SA! Yes Scratch seems like the way to go due to its tight integration w/ Red.

    Rich, do I know you guys from any previous SA film company?

    Bruce Allen
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    Hi Bruce,

    There is a growing (hopefully) digital cinema scene here in S.A. We have launched two new digital cine resources online, one at and the other S.A. specific at, please check them out, join up and get involved. They are community based sites, much like this one but a bit broader in subject matter.

    They are somewhat blank canvases at the moment, but will feature a lot of information pertinent specifically to 4K and to a certain extent 2K production and post as well.

    We plan to launch a S.A. international chapter of the digital cinema society soon, which will be a first for S.A., and for this we are working with DI Film Co in Cape Town, who are S.A.'s Scratch, Bright Systems and Bluefish representatives and distributors here.

    Together with DI Film Co, we are really trying to push 2K/4K digital aquisition, post and projection in the country, but as with many things it is a slow process requiring lots of pursuasion to get others on board.

    There are two big productions coming up that will be shot in 2K by a couple of S.A.'s hottest directors, one by Frieze Films, directed by Tony Baggert that will be shot with Genesis, the other with the Arri D20, both will be pushed through Scratch at DI Film Co, using the only Scratch system in the country (until we get ours...).

    Our production company, Sentinel Entertainment, started in 2003, and has never been anything else, so I doubt you would have come across us before. We are pretty unknown even in the S.A. industry to be honest, but that is starting to change the more we get involved in pushing digital cinema here.

    I have heard from Digital Film in Jo'burg that there are at least 20 full Red One kits destined for S.A., but I don't know how true this is.

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