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    Has anyone tried to use both Radeon 6870 (for Apple Motion) as primary display and gtx 560/570 or 670 as the primary Resolve gpu ?
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    anmol, what settings did you use in multibeast 5.6.1? did you get your audio working?
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    For the audio I used Sound AD2000B P5Q Deluxe for
    I had to extract the dsdt and ssdt files with another OS and use DropSSDT flags in the chameleon.plist file.
    I used the latest Nvidia kexts to enable my 560 Ti 448 core card to be detected.
    I used AtiConfig=<Vervet> in my plist for the Radeon card.

    At this moment, I have a Powercolor 6870 card as my primary gfx display. This serves as my GPU for Motion (I still use FCS3)

    The 560 Ti 448 is sufficient to obtain realtime performance on Resolve lite.

    The problem is that OpenCL is currently broken on 10.7.4 and it seems to work on 10.8.1

    I am wary of upgrading as I do not want to mess with my work..
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    My system was stable for a long time but today I made upgrade to 10.7.4 and now my gfx don't work any more:(((
    I can see only Machete gpu 1,2,3

    Please help!!!

    Intel i7 970 6 core 3,2Ghz@4.0Ghz
    24Gb PC2000 DDR3
    8x2TB drives in raid 5
    MC Color panel

    1. Rocket
    2. Decklink 3D
    3. Quadro 4000 GUI
    4: Arreca ARC-1880 ixl12
    5: GTX-470
    6: free
    7: GTX-470
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    Anyone has available Machete 3 to share. I want to move to 10.7 soon.

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