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  #1 Tonaci Tran 
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    [SIZE="2"][SIZE="1"]It isn't the cinematographer who owns the film, but rather the film and its story that owns the cinematographer." -- Anthony Dod Mantle, ASC
    "Lose the ego. Do great work and take pride in it, but don’t be arrogant about how great you think you are." - Chuck Russom
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    They are multiplying!!!!

    Congrats on the new offspring :)
    Epic-X #1763, "Phase III"

    Red #6732, "Dunsmore"
    (Dunsmore, Scottish Heritage)
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    Congrats, Tonaci!
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    BAM!! Congratulations!!

    I saved my first post for you Tony:)
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    Congratulations, Tonaci! I have really enjoyed your commentaries, videos about Epic, Atom, etc., and your interview with Ted in Viet Nam. I am really happy that you now have an Epic-M of your own to play with 24/7. Hope the insights and info keep coming!

    Have a ball!
    Renting Komodo ST, Helium, Gemini, Alexa Mini, Phantom VEO4K
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    AKS: Teradek RT FIZs, Teradek Bolts, Bright Tangerine, FSI monitors
    Retired Cinematography Professor, Compass College, Grand Rapids, MI
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    grats! looks a bit in shock or just totally jaw smacked at getting to have the camera...
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    When I first got into RED last year I youtubed everything I could find on RED, and you were in about 70% of the videos. Congrats on the 'M', enjoy it!
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    Are you holding in a smile?
    Michael Keegan
    Manager | Partner Outreach
    Post Partnerships & Integration @ Netflix
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    Please, correct my written english.
    I'm still learning, and I need your help.
    Thanks in advance.
    Twitter: @elcurado
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