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    Quote Originally Posted by flameop View Post
    So the OUTPUT > FORMAT is best left to what the Project in RC is or if not QT is used to scale it ?


    Can you elaborate. The format options are DPX, Tiff, Quicktime, etc. I am still finding render times slow on my MBP 2.4GHz with 4GB Ram when I select the QT option.
    Russell Campbell
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    Thanks Lucas.

    Is it possible to click somewhere on the timeline and set that to the current time. So instead of click dragging just clicking? That was one other question I had forgotten yesterday.
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    Gavin: I'm not sure what you're asking?
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    I sat down and started showing a DP friend of mine yesterday the Redcine beta. Granted I myself have only had about a day to play but its a pretty simple app to get right in and start playing (although it does have nice hidden features under the hood). I was playing Jims dragster clip on my MacBook Pro 2.33 ghz with 2 gigs of RAM. We were at 1/4 RES but was able to play realtime. My DP friend was blown away being able to grade in realtime and have curves to adjust. He loved having all the freedom that Redcine provides with the timeline options to resolution options, etc. Two things we both wished for was dual monitor support. I'm not sure, maybe I just don't know how to enable it but we would have liked it to automatically at start up to recognize your second monitor and be able to use it as a display. As far as workflow is concerned, right now if I just wanted to do a quick offline from the r3d files I would definatly use Redalert over Redcine but that is obvious and sounds like Redcine will eventually have the option to create proxy footage. However this is a great option for creating files for online or vfx plates.
    Render times are a little heavy but let's face it, we are working with heavy material here, 4k!
    I think everyone knows that this is beta 1.0 and the bugs and render times will only get better. I have done quite a bit of beta testing visual effects software like e-onsoftware's Vue product line to render management software and crowd simulation software for Maya etc. I must say for being a beta 1.0 it is quite stable and has performed quite well so far (and yes I too experienced the single frame QuickTime renders etc.) my best advice is to have fun with the app, report the bugs, but don't expect a fully functional, ready to use on a job just yet. We are all beta testers and need to help get this app to where it should be for production purposes. It can be frustrating at times but have fun with it and thank the guys that allowed us to participate every so often.
    My two cents.
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    Ya, I would have to add that this is probably the most stable beta 1 of anything I have ever tried...just by that fact alone I was very impressed with what we can do already in this stage.

    Great Job Red Team.
    Eric T. Edwards
    Everchanging Productions, LLC
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    Exporting to BlackMagic uncompressed and setting to Lossless worked fine.

    Space Digital Visual Effects & Post Production
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    On my system pressing "1:1" zooms to something not quite 100%, and shows a lot of aliasing. Zooming to 200% and it's smooth again.
    Exports are fine also.

    Seems like the GL texture isnt scaled to exact size?
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    Well there is the small timeline. If you grab the frame indicator you can scrub. But it won't advance to where I click on the timeline.

    So if I just click on the timeline at the end it won't just jump to that frame.
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    You don't need to drag the CTI, just scrub momentarily anywhere in the timeline and it jumps there.
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    What a great app, guys !

    Thanks Jim, Rob and all others involved with putting together Red Cine.
    Sheesh, Apple could have done something like this with Color ...
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